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Waging Peace

Waging Peace is a campaign aimed at overcoming Russophobia and fostering a new nuclear disarmament treaty between the United States and Russia. In June, Scott Ritter will take a team that includes Ask the Inspector co-host Jeff Norman and Judge Andrew Napolitano into Russia as part of a 45-day trip which, in addition to visiting Moscow and St. Petersburg (the latter to report on the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum), will visit 14 other Russian cities “from the Pacific Ocean to the Baltic Sea, and Everywhere in Between.”

The team will tour each city with an eye to capture its true essence and, through town hall meetings, the attitude and spirit of the population. We will also stream our Ask the Inspector podcast live from each location, with various local guests of cultural, economic and political note, to help share and explain our experiences. In addition, we will produce video highlights of each city we visit that will be streamed separately from the podcast. Moreover, we will capture the entire journey on film for a three-part documentary that will also include similar footage from Scott’s two previous visits, to educate the audience on the reality of Russia today, and the absolute imperative for better US-Russia relations.

Scott was intimately involved as a weapons inspector in implementing the INF Treaty signed by Mikhail Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan in 1987. Prior to that historic disarmament process, a treaty between the United States and Soviet Union had seemed impossible, much as it now seems impossible for US-Russia relations to improve. As such, Scott is uniquely qualified to lead this effort to defeat the existential doom that plagues us.

Scott Ritter in Russia